The Presbytery Ceiling

An intricate pattern of ribs and bosses adorns the vaulted ceiling of the presbytery.  The central boss positioned directly above the high alter is a representation of the Holy Trinity attended by two angels.  To the west is St Andrew holding the cross and reading clockwise are St Bartholomew holding the flaying knife, St Peter with the keys, St Thomas with the spear, St James the Less grasping the bludgeon, St James the Greater holding his staff and a scrip or costrel, St Paul with a sword, and St Matthias with an axe.  To the south of St Andrew is a saint holding a book.  Another boss has an angel and other bosses are carved with roses and leaves.*

*From the Historic Scotland guidebook to Melrose Abbey.

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  1. james higham says:

    Vertigo just looking at it from down here.