Perigee Moon Rising

Yesterday the tail end of Tropical Storm Bertha drifted over the UK in her death throws.  We had torrential rain overnight and into the morning, then there was a brief sunny interlude followed by more rain and gusty winds.  It didn’t look promising for viewing the so called ‘Supermoon‘…

I was pleasantly surprised when the clouds lifted enough for the moon to become visible. My camera decided to be difficult and no matter what setting I chose, it refused to focus and did not allow me to press the shutter to take a photo.  I persevered… I even succumbed to taking some photos with my compact camera…

The moon looked bright and beautiful, but not exactly larger than usual.  My photos show a bright globe with no shadow details on the moon, that is how it appeared when viewing by the naked eye too. So although the sky appears not to be cloudy there must have been a slight haziness, slightly obscuring the moon.

Perigee Moon

Perigee Moon

Perigee Moon

16 Comments CherryPie on Aug 11th 2014

16 Responses to “Perigee Moon”

  1. Claude says:

    Fantastic, Cherie. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ubermouth says:

    I thought it a bit of a letdown here, too. A few weeks back my friend and I saw the most incredible moon that was breathtaking.

    I do love the way the slates on the roof jutting out are highlighted though!

  3. ....peter:) says:

    Hi Cherie…
    we had fairly clear nights this week and i saw the Perigee Moon several times but didn’t have my camera with me….
    i love your first and last pictures the most… but they are all good shots….peter:)

  4. Sackerson says:

    Seen “Moonstruck”?

  5. He he.. I missed it.
    I was watching a film! lol

  6. Still lovely Cherie and I am glad you were able to capture it.

  7. james higham says:

    Top one’s excellent.

  8. Final one is wonderfully eerie.

    I like eerie.