At the last minute my brother asked Mr C, Myself and my Mum to join him for his birthday celebration last Saturday. This put me in a quandary because I had a hair appointment scheduled in the afternoon which I felt was unfair on my hairdresser to rearrange at such short notice. I decided to keep the appointment and travel to Nottingham afterwards which would allow us to book into a nearby hotel and get to the meal on time.

My brother said he would text me details of the arrangements and the restaurant. By the time we were setting off to Nottingham I heard nothing so as we set off I sent him a text “we are just setting off, do you know the arrangements yet”… An hour later we received a phone call advising that three taxis had been booked and that my eldest nephew would come to meet us at the hotel in one of them. My brother said he was currently in Derby and about to set off home to Nottingham. By this stage we were past Derby and I was wondering if the would make it home in time for the Taxi pickup…

A Room With a View

We arrived in the Hotel and checked in with half an hour to spare and made our way down to the hotel reception  for that allotted time for the Taxi pick up at 7pm. No Taxi was to be seen… Twenty minutes later the Taxi arrived and my nephew came into the hotel reception area to find us. He related the tale of being home alone, having a shower then opening the curtains to see three Taxis outside his house. Shortly afterwards he received a phone call from my brother asking if there were three Taxis outside the house and if so please keep them there…

We climbed into the Taxi and went merrily on the way towards the restaurant. Along the way there was a bit of a saga! My brother (despite me asking on more than one occasion) had not said what restaurant we were going to. It transpired that he hadn’t told my nephew either and the Taxi driver had misheard the destination my brother had told him… After a slightly annoyed phone call from son to father we got to the restaurant destination in the end!!!

The company was good and the food was lovely but the service was a bit chaotic and slow and not all dishes came as ordered. In addition to this the dry white wine was served warm, always a disappointment. At the end of the meal the bill was slow to come meaning the Taxi drivers were kept waiting yet again… City life…

After the meal we retired back to the hotel for a night cap and a chat with my brother, his lady and his son. A lovely time was had by all.

I won’t go into the incident of a bottle of water shattering as it hit the the reception floor as we were making our way back to the hotel room for the night…

The Belfry

10 Comments CherryPie on May 11th 2015

10 Responses to “A Room With Two Views”

  1. Astrid says:

    :( One of those days…. everything goes wrong, but at least your hair was done and looked good (I think) and you had a great time with family….. a story to tell.
    We have a Dutch expression after a disaster like that: als je haar maar goed zit….as long as your hair looks good :D …..

  2. So hectic. ;)
    Slow it down a bit, enjoy a cuppa. :)

    • CherryPie says:

      Slow down… chance would be a fine thing ;-)

      Although sitting in the hairdressers is usually relaxing and the provide a cuppa :-)

  3. ....peter:) says:

    You have the most interesting trips Cherie… i think that this one was according to Murphy’s Law…
    but it all turned out well in the end… i think!

  4. James Higham says:

    Sounds all action, Cherie but not the kind you need.

  5. Ah family, plans, communication and trying to go with the flow…you seem more settled than I would have been I think…but to see family I am sure I would deal with the craziness.