Castle Street

After breakfast, which was cooked to order, we headed off into town to visit one of the bookshops that we had missed the previous day. The bookshop was due to open at 10am  but we arrived in town before this so we headed off to photograph the castle. This led to us finding another interesting book shop which happened to be open. As we entered the shop Mr C did a double take; he had nearly said good morning to a wooden statue that was placed next to the door.

Book Heaven

The shop was full of twists and turns with some of the book shelves being placed to make small rooms for specific categories. I was upstairs waiting for Mr C to finish browsing when I heard his distinctive laughter downstairs. He had obviously finished browsing and was chatting to the proprietor. I made my way downstairs and purchased a book on the development of Telford, that I had seen on arrival. We then made our way to the other bookshop and although it was open no purchases could be made until 11.30am by which time we planned to be well on our way to Croft Castle. I decided not to go in to the shop because I would have been annoyed if I had seen something I wanted and was not able to purchase it.

Croft Castle

I made my way back to the car and when Mr C joined me we headed off to Croft Castle. During the journey Mr C related his conversation with the proprietor of the first bookshop.

The gentleman said he had opened the shop there 40 years ago. When he first started he had nothing and built the business up. Initially internet sales were supported by the shop but now it is the other way round; the shop is supported by the internet. He keeps the shop because that is the part of the job he enjoys most. He explained that because more people are using the internet for purchases, last year eight book shops had closed in the town. Part of his stock is new books which he purchases as publishers’ returns at a discount but that now Amazon was buying up all the publishers. He also mentioned that Waterstones had recently been bought by a Russian company…

The Lime Avenue

When we arrived at Croft Castle we found out that it was holding a WWII event to celebrate the D Day landings. The weather was glorious and we spent most of our time outside in the grounds and gardens. After we left we called in at the Ludlow Food Centre to pick up something for our evening meal.

14 Comments CherryPie on Jun 9th 2015

14 Responses to “Hay-on-Wye – Day Two”

  1. Oh how weird! I came across this place, Hay, a few weeks ago before you went over there. I wanted to visit this place so much. ;)

  2. lisl says:

    A super area to visit, Cherie. I was sorry to hear about the bookshops closing in Hay but that is not surprising

    • CherryPie says:

      I really must persuade Mr C to go to that part of the world more often. He is often reluctant to go. To me it is like stepping backwards in time :-)

  3. Ginnie says:

    I’ve been to Hay-on-ye, Cherry, and to one of those bookstores!!!! I remember it was way up high and was a quite a place. HA! But great fun. Now I need to go back and find my pics of the place. Aha. We were in the bookstore of the Hay Castle…Europe’s largest secondhand bookstore:

    • CherryPie says:

      I had forgotten that you had been there :-) We didn’t get to go into the bookshop in the castle. But there are so many different shops to choose from :-)

  4. Those sweet cattle taking shelter in the shade of those
    grand old trees
    is a beautiful sight.
    thanks for sharing this wonder,

    • CherryPie says:

      These cows seemed quite happy with us passing by. Another group eyed us quite suspiciously and one Mooed loudly whenever anyone walked past, probably looking out for her young ones.

  5. james higham says:

    How was the Ludlow Food Centre?

  6. Astrid says:

    This brings back memories. You can lock me up in that castle and come back next year to get me out. Me and books, not that I buy many, no room….
    Great pictures (as usual :) )

    • CherryPie says:

      I love books too. Mr C and I have far too many between us and need a big sort out as there are many we will not look at again. They need to move to someone who can enjoy them all over again.