A tree is known by its fruit; we by our deeds. A good deed is never lost; one who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and one who plants kindness gathers love.

Saint Basil

Bearing Fruit

15 Comments CherryPie on Jul 12th 2015

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  1. Astrid says:

    I truly believe in that quote. When you meet strangers with a smile they will return a smile and when you are good to others they will come back to you. If there might be a chance that that does not happen, says everything about them and not you.
    It does not cost anything to be helpful and have a nice word for somebody.

  2. ....peter:) says:

    i agree that he who plants kindness gathers love Cherie… and i have love from all around the world… and even a lot here at home as well….peter:)

  3. Ginnie says:

    St. Basil was clearly a saint for a reason, Cherry!

  4. Steve Hayes says:

    Very true, like much else St Basil said.

  5. Bernard says:

    Lovely picture Cherrie, and a very interesting thought for the week.
    As soon as I saw that Lemon Tree, a song from 1950 came to mind -
    When I was just a lad of ten, my father said to me,
    “Come here and take a lesson from the lovely lemon tree.”
    “Don’t put your faith in love, my boy”, my father said to me,
    “I fear you’ll find that love is like the lovely lemon tree.”

    Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet
    But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.
    Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet
    But the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat.

    One day beneath the lemon tree, my love and I did lie
    A girl so sweet that when she smiled the stars rose in the sky.
    We passed that summer lost in love beneath the lemon tree
    The music of her laughter hid my father’s words from me:

    Way before your time – but, do you recognise it?
    Cheers Peter, Paul & Mary, ;-)

    • JD says:

      I remember that, but then I am very ancient :)


      Cherie – I was reading something similar to those words recently, from John Michell writing in The Oldie – “Yet even in times of chaos the ideals of goodness and righteous behaviour are still apparent in human nature, and if you take up the paradisial world-view you see them predominating. It is only because of this that civil life is possible, and still goes on.”

      And John Michell again in The Oldie- “The universe is like a reflector, so your experience of life depends largely on how you choose to see it…… you will begin to see….that happiness is the normal human condition, and that heaven on earth is not merely a religious delusion but signifies the natural order of the mind and the world around it.”

      • CherryPie says:

        In the deep recesses of my mind I do vaguely recall the song :-)

        Interesting things to think about JD :-) I particularly like the ‘Universe is a reflector’. It reminds me of ‘we should always look for the best in people’.

  6. james higham says:

    Does the lemon have a special significance for the quote, Cherie?

  7. lisl says:

    I often find surprise at courtesy these days, Cherie