Level Flight

Our early morning call woke us at 4.20 am and we quickly showered and packed the last few items in our cases with a view to being outside ready for our 5.30 transfer  that the Ljubljana representative had told us to expect. The room phone rang at 5 am  and when I picked it up I was informed that our transfer to the airport had arrived so I replied that we would be down in a few minutes. Luckily I was already dressed but Mr C had to dress rather quickly.

When we arrived in reception we were greeted, as expected by Damjan who had been our rep in Piran. We found out that the pick up time was 5.00 am and that we had been given the wrong time!! We felt rather guilty for keeping him waiting even though it wasn’t our fault.

When we arrived at the airport it was chaotic and heaving with people who were in a queue of sorts winding its way to the check in desks. Someone in the queue quipped, ‘This isn’t a queue it is a mess’ which caused laughter all round. And one of the locals said ‘I am not sure what is going on today, I travel from here regularly and it is not usually like this on a Wednesday’. Looking at the flight board there were four flights due out within in half an hour of each other which would explain why there were so many people in the small terminal.

The people who had traveled with us on the transfer bus thought they were rather clever jumping the queue even though they had annoyed others in doing so. It didn’t save them much time as we arrived at the check in desk only a few minutes after them. At the check in desk we could tell by the body language and facial expressions of the lady who was checking us in that there was some sort of problem. She made a phone call and then advised us that there was an admin problem and that and there was nobody available to help her sort it out. She directed us to the help desk on the other side of the terminal and advised us that, when the problem had been sorted, we should go straight back to her rather than rejoin the queue.

When we arrived at the help desk there were two advisers, each with queues that were frustratingly long, and time was running out. We each stood in different queues to see who got there first. Eventually Mr C arrived at the front of his queue just 30 minutes before the plane was due to fly. The lady behind the desk said, ‘Oh I can see what the problem is, Manchester have used the inbound code for the outbound flight’. She added that my ticket was OK and then typed in a few things and gave us a new code to quote at the check in desk.

I handed my passport to Mr C, along with the flight tickets and we made our way back to the check in desk. We stood to one side and the lady at the check in desk exclaimed, ‘Oh you are back!’ and then to the customer she was currently serving ‘Excuse me this is urgent!!’ At this point Mr C turned to me and said ‘You will need your passport’ to which I replied ‘I gave it to you’. He was adamant that I hadn’t and sent me back to the help desk to see if I had left it there. He had me doubting myself so I went back to check…

At this point my stress levels were extremely high. Missing a flight is one thing but losing a passport takes it to another level. Of course my passport wasn’t at the help desk and when I returned, Mr C he was holding it apologetically in his hand along with the boarding passes. By this time it was only twenty minutes until take off and we were told to go through the priority security lane. Even that was slow; we encountered two Americans with all sorts of items that are banned in hand luggage. Eventually we got through and made our way to the boarding gate where we were greeted with an apology, ‘Sorry you have had problems checking in’. I was surprised that, with so little time left, that we were not the last people to board the plane. As we passed the couple who had jumped the queue earlier they advised they had had their breakfast confiscated due to it containing a large bottle of water. They seemed to think that they were unlucky and that it was a random check and I didn’t bother to point out that bottled water  is one of the things checked for when going through the scanner.

We took off almost immediately after we boarded the plane and everything went smoothly after that. On arrival in the UK I went through a digital scanner for the first time. As I was pondering on the fact that I was not wearing glasses in my passport photo one of the border security guards passed by and advised me to take my glasses off for that reason. This meant I couldn’t see a thing as I was standing looking at the screen for what seemed like a very long time. Eventually the screen changed colour (it wasn’t red) so I stepped forward cautiously because I couldn’t see if the barrier was open or closed. It was open and I hastily put my glasses back on so that I could see what I was doing.  Our luggage had also made it to the plane on time and once we had retrieved it, we went to find our car which was waiting for us at the Meet and Greet car park allowing us to make our way home without any delays.

Almost Heaven

10 Comments CherryPie on Oct 10th 2015

10 Responses to “Piran & Ljubljana – Day Twelve”

  1. Alan says:

    Ah, the joys of airline travel! Luckily, I have yet to experience that awful feeling that my passport may be missing and I don’t even like giving it to an official who then take it out of sight of me. Glad you made the flight.

  2. Astrid says:

    Don’t you just love all the travel by airplane…and all that fuss around it and all the stupid things with the pictures with or without glasses… man alive, people don’t recognize me without glasses and I am kind of ‘out of focus’…….
    Always I have to take off my shoes…. (bombs might be hidden)..
    Great pictures of the sky and I love the one of the cup of coffee.
    We fly to USA this Wednesday, I am glad my passport pictures shows glasses……

  3. ubermouth says:

    I have a recurring nightmare about arriving for my plane with no passport!

    Those scanners are a bugger, aren’t they? Wait until all airports have the scanners that can take an image of you right through your clothes!

  4. Welcome to Big Brother!
    This season they took you eye scans.
    Next season I am sure they will ask you to spit into a test tub, so they can analyse your DNA too!
    How fun :) Yeah!

    • CherryPie says:

      It would be pretty funny if they asked me to do that without my glasses on… My efforts would probably end up all over them, rather than in the test tube :-)