Cherry Pie

16 Comments CherryPie on Jun 21st 2017

16 Responses to “Cherry Pie”

  1. Ha ha.. It was not there when I visited the museum some years ago!
    Saw some pears though :)

  2. Hels says:

    What date did the pie come from?

    Did the manufacturers name their product after you? I would love a product to me named after me :)

  3. Astrid says:

    HA… a well kept secret here. Love it. :)

  4. Ha ha – what a find :)

  5. James Higham says:

    Have to get some in.

  6. ....peter:) says:

    i didn’t know that you were that famous Cherie… i want one of those… i loves cherry pie….peter:)

  7. Chrysalis says:

    Lol. So does this commemorate the time somebody tried to keep our Cherry Pie in a tin? No, that won’t do at all. Who is this John Wilson, I’d like a word with him, please. It’s all his doing. Nobody keeps our Cherry Pie in a tin ;)

    PS – I noted “John Wilson’s” instructions are to remove the tin lid completely first, so as not to cut ourselves on the tin or actually mistakenly EAT the tin? Thanks, John Wilson! Again, I’ll have a word with him ;)