Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach Gallery

As mentioned in my previous post this is the Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach gallery displayed in the former refectory in San Giacomo Carthusian Monastery.

Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach (Hadamar 1851 – Capri, 1913)
The painter Karl Wilheim Diefenbach, born in Hadmar on February 21st 1851, came to Capri in the early 20th century in an attempt to escape frequent vicious attacks on him by the press. On the Island of Capri, Diefenbach was inspired by the dramatically beautiful scenery, the soaring cliffs and enchanting panoramas, which he skillfully reproduced in works which he exhibited in his studio close to Capri’s Piazzetta.
Karl Wilheim Diefenbach observed the principles of Theosophy and preached the return to a simple way of life, in harmony with nature: his let his hair grow long, walked barefoot and dressed in nothing more than a white robe, even in the coldest months. Many of the German painter’s works were of notable dimensions and were created using unusual materials and unconventional techniques. Since 1975, Karl Wilheim Diefenbach’s works have been displayed in the Charterhouse of San Giacomo.

Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach Gallery

Visione di Cristo

I was moved by the above painting which is entitled ‘Visione di Cristo’. My photograph doesn’t do the painting justice due to the light from the windows reflecting on the painting.

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  1. Ginnie says:

    Having a gallery inside a monastery would be such an experience…and an honor for the artist!