Chapel of St Dunstan and St Ethelwold

St Dunstan (909- 988) and St Ethelwold (908 – 984)

Together these two churchmen were responsible for the revival of monasticism in England. In 970, one hundred years after it was sacked by the Danes, Ethelwold, Bishop of Winchester, re-established the monastery in Ely as a Benedictine foundation.

The Rule of Benedict, written in the 6th century, still underpins the worship and life of the Cathedral today.

‘Whoever you are, then, who are hurrying forward to your heavenly Father, with Christ’s help fulfil this little rule, which is written for beginners.’

Rule of Benedict, Chapter 73*

Chapel of St Dunstan and St Ethelwold

*from an information board next to the chapel

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10 Responses to “Chapel of St Dunstan and St Ethelwold”

  1. lisl says:

    Every new picture you put up of this wonderful Cathedral makes me want to visit more. It has been on my Wish List since my 20s!

  2. St Ethelwold is such a rare saint name.
    There are some unusual saint names in Cornwall too.
    Do you think Ethelwold is from that region too?

    Oh we have a St Dunstan in central London too!
    it’s St Dunstan-in-the-East.

  3. Ginnie says:

    Since it’s on Lisl’s wish list, I’ll put it on mine and maybe we can see it together?? :) (My SC site is finally back up after server challenges, apparently, since Tuesday night.)

  4. James Higham says:

    Just how many such windows are there across fair England?

  5. ....peter says:

    i love the stained glass window in the first shot Cherie….peter:)