Tewkesbury Abbey

We checked out of the Wykeham Arms after breakfast and set off to Tewkesbury where we had a cup of tea before visiting the Abbey.

The Easter Garden

As we entered the Abbey we were welcomed by a minister. The Abbey has a lovely warm feeling and I had forgotten how beautiful it is. One corner of the Abbey was being used to display a wonderful Easter Garden, that made one of the side chapels look like the empty tomb.

We had lunch in the Abbey’s Touching Souls cafe before continuing our journey home where we unpacked before collecting some food for our evening meal.

A Gift of Light

12 Comments CherryPie on May 5th 2019

12 Responses to “Winchester – Day Four”

  1. Great photos – I have been to Tewkesbury and the abbey is super. I really hope to return one day now I have a bridge camera so I can zoom in on the Green Men! There is a very good museum nearby too – The John Moore Countryside Museum.

  2. The Yum List says:

    What a lovely looking building.

  3. The tower is still very impressive! I wouldn’t climb all those stairs these days, but years ago (when we were younger and fitter), I thought the views were well worth all the effort. Visitors should also check when the cathedral bells chime.

    • CherryPie says:

      I only climb towers at my own pace. Paying for a ticket or tour to ascend a tower may make me uncomfortable in keeping up a speedy pace…

  4. Astrid says:

    Great pictures here and I love the bottom one, the light is superb.

  5. Cloudy before you entered the abbey;
    Sunny when you were inside?
    What a joke? ‘;)

  6. ....peter says:

    nice pictures of the Abbey Cherie… i love the light streaming through the windows….peter:)