Piazza IX Aprile

The square is known for the breathtaking view of the azure Ionian Sea and of the Mount Etna.

Lined with pricey cafés and brimming with visitors and caricature artists, it’s the best place to sit back with a cappuccino and enjoy the relaxed resorty ambience of Taormina.

The square was named after the 9th of April, 1860, when mass in the Taormina cathedral down the street was interrupted to announce that Garibaldi had landed at Marsala (on the far side of the island) to begin his conquest of Sicily that made it part of Italy

Actually, the news proves false. In fact Garibaldi landed at Marsala exactly one month later, on 9 May 1860. However, the inhabitants of Taormina wanted to recall  that date dedicating the most beautiful square.

Piazza IX Aprile

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  1. What to look up average cost of caricature artists, 10 times what I make

  2. The chequered floor tiles are too dazzling.
    I guess I can look at the sky instead. ;)