Sunshine After the Rain

Today there was a brief sunny interlude between the awful gales and rain we have been experiencing lately.

There were some things that I needed to do regarding my late aunts estate but I was able to factor in a short walk along my local pathways. I chose a circular route, starting off on the most scenic pathway.

I was confronted by an unexpected pooling of water. As I approached the water to see if I could walk around it I noticed a dead frog. It was lying on its back with a leg missing. Not the most promising start to walk.

I tiptoed round the water and walked along the pathway to one of my favourite benches to sit and rest a while. The ‘rest a while’ moment didn’t disappoint. I was treated to delightful birdsong and the warmth of the sun on my face.

Signs of Spring

I continued on my walk and found other watery patches along with delightful signs of spring emerging.

Long Shadow Selfie

Spring is in the Air


Spring Has Nearly Sprung

A Goose of Two...

Watery Tree- Lined Pathway

As I completed my full circuit I notice a cat near to the pooling of water at the start of my walk. He looked at me, then made a beeline for me before hopping over a fence to the side of the pathway.

My Oak Tree

I suspect that he had something to do with the dead frog…

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