Back in 2019 when the world was ‘normal’ we attended the Ludlow Food Festival and were tempted to buy a Kadai Fire Bowl. It was busy and Mr C didn’t want to wait to speak to someone to find out more. I picked up the literature for us to peruse at our leisure.

We didn’t get around to purchasing one in 2020, due to the on and off lockdowns and not being able to visit outlets that sold Kadai bowls.

A few weeks ago we decided to order online direct from the local company. We received our order more quickly than we expected and were looking forward to trying it out.
Queue non stop rain…

The lid to our Fire Bowl took on its rustic appearance a couple of days later, rather sooner than expected.

We are impatiently waiting for sunny days.

4 Comments CherryPie on May 27th 2021

4 Responses to “Summer Dining”

  1. Great idea…
    We start winter in 3 days and so I too am waiting impatiently waiting for sunny days. Add a photo, once you try it out. Just to make the southern half of the globe jealous.

    • CherryPie says:

      I will :-)

      The only reason we haven’t tried it out already is because of the constant rain we have been having.

      Now seeking a solution to keep the patio area dry so that we can eat alfresco even if the weather is inclement.

  2. My daughter has one. Smoke can be a problem unless the breeze is in a consistent direction. Oh, and a cat letting its tail drift too close to the flames can be a problem too, although quick reactions ensured only a minor singeing. A lesson was learned, by the cat.

    • CherryPie says:

      We lit ours today just to prime it rather than cook on it. We were reminded that the smoke from a barbeque always blows in the direction of our back door! I think it is the wind channeling down the opposite side (to the patio and back door) of our house.

      I have in the past had to stop next doors cat (sadly no longer with us) from leaping onto our lit barbeque! He took umbrage and a little while later I found him sitting underneath my car peeping at me.