Thomas Treherne Windows

These stained glass windows were created by Tom Deny in 2007. The windows were inspired by Thomas Traherne and his writings.

Thomas Traherne was a priest, poet and spiritual writer. Born in Hereford in 1637, he almost certainly attended Hereford Cathedral School; this was at a time when the city was torn by civil war. After completing his studies at Brasenose College, Oxford, he returned to Herefordshire in 1657, as rector of Credenhill, a small village five miles west of the city. Here he ministered for sixteen years, as well as participating in the work of this cathedral.

Early in 1674, Traherne left Herefordshire for Teddington, where he continued to serve as chaplain to Sir Orlando Bridgeman. He died later that year and lies buried under the reading desk in Teddington Church.

Trahere’s search for happiness led him to see God’s love revealed in creation. He speaks of this vision in his writings, largely unpublished at his time of death. It is thanks to the twentieth century rediscovery of his manuscripts that he is now celebrated as a spiritual writer of great depth and beauty.

The Traherne windows represent themes in Traherne’s thinking:

Love for the Herefordshire countryside

Seeing the cross of Christ in the world around us

Insistence on the importance of love in human lives

Love for the city of Hereford and its inhabitants*

Thomas Treherne Windows

Thomas Treherne Windows

*from a signboard next to the windows

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  1. Lovely photos of those beautiful windows :) I really do adore Tom Denny’s work – it is just so amazing with so much detail. He was just the person to create windows to commemorate Thomas Traherne :)