The Bombardment of Hartlepools

The museum tells the story of the Bombardment of the Hartlepools, which took place on Wednesday 16th December 1914, when the guns of the battery were engaged in ship-to-shore combat with the German navy.

The site of the Heugh Gun Battery has been a military position since the 17th century. Now the Heugh Battery Museum sits on the site of the only First World War battlefield in Britain.

Chieftan FV4201

The museum boasts a large and eclectic collection of military artefacts and artillery pieces from throughout history.

Rapier Surface-to-Air Guided Weapon

5.25 inch MkII Coast Defence

5.25 inch MkII Coast Defence

Dig For Victory


2 Comments CherryPie on Mar 22nd 2022

2 Responses to “Heugh Battery Museum”

  1. Hels says:

    Although I don’t like seeing military machinery, I think the location of the Heugh Battery Museum is perfect i.e the site of the only WW1 battlefield in Britain. The lighthouse must have been very busy back then.

    • CherryPie says:

      It is a perfect site.

      Military machinery is part of our history and fascinating to research.

      Sadly it is part of our future too.