Stone Damage

Breakfast was excellent quality with standard ‘Full English’ and other cooked options on offer. There were cereals and toast but no continental options. After breakfast Mr C readdressed sorting out the windscreen repair. This involved a lengthy 30 minute online chat procedure where a five minute phone call would have achieved the same result with a lot less stress. Sadly a phone conversation is not an option. The reason that Autoglass had not phoned back on the previous day was due to the booking showing up for Monday 22nd August rather than Monday 15th August. Autoglass offer a 3-hour callout window which didn’t fit with our itinerary meant we had to book the car into the Norwich repair centre in a couple of days time.


With that loose end out of the way we were able to set off for our destination of the day, Sandringham. We enjoyed a walk around the gardens and visited the Fire Engine house before having lunch in the stable tearooms. I was plagued by wasps buzzing around my head causing me to stand up to eat my lunch so it was not an entirely relaxing experience. Afterwards, we visited the formal garden before entering the house ahead of our timed slot. The house is lovely and homely. Paddington was sitting at the tea table waiting for the Queen to arrive, although her handbag was rather neatly placed on the table with her emergency marmalade sandwich ‘for later’.

Sandringham Church

Before leaving Sandringham Estate we took time to visit Sandringham church before enjoying a refreshing drink and visiting the shop even though the skies were darkening and threatening rain. As we neared the car park the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour. Mr C left me in a sheltered place whilst he dashed to fetch the car and bring it closer. My inner child caused me to laugh as I got soaked dashing the short distance to the car in torrential rain. The rain was so heavy that it ran off the fields onto the roads causing them to flood. Luckily we were following a bus that displaced the standing water off the road leaving the road relatively water free for us. Eventually we emerged from under the rain cloud to see the water evaporating off the warm fields.

Happy Birthday

Back at the hotel, Mr C struggled to find a restaurant for what would be his birthday meal, eventually settling on The Ivy in Norwich.  The food was delicious, although mine went cold quite quickly due to the fierce air-conditioning blowing in my direction. The waitress was excellent and kept our wine in a cooler rather risk it warming up on the table. Mr C was treated to a mini birthday cake profiterole which was a nice surprise for him; he had wanted to order profiteroles for dessert but they were only served in a pyramid for four people.

The Old Rectory

To round off the day, we had a nightcap on the hotel terrace which was quieter than it had been the previous evening. We were accompanied by another couple who had taken chairs and placed them next to the window to their room to keep an eye (or ear) on their young  girls who were sleeping inside.

6 Comments CherryPie on Aug 26th 2022

6 Responses to “Norfolk – Day Two”

  1. Mandy says:

    Oh, how annoying that you had to deal with a cracked windscreen on your holiday! I always laugh when my memories of our Wales trip come up – the first photo is of a flat tyre! I had no idea that you could visit Sandringham. I love Norfolk and spent a weekend at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival in 2016. It’s an annual festival with so much to do from outside walks to indoor dance events.

    • CherryPie says:

      Sandringham is a lovely place to visit, it is the Queen’s personal living space that you get to see. It is not stately but obviously a little bit more plush than your average house.

      I recommend you visit :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about the annoying windscreen problems. But it looks like a lovely day at Sandringham despite the torrential downpour!

  3. Shabana says:

    What an adventurous trip dear Cheri. Happy birthday to Mr C!

    Sorry for the windscreen trouble. Glad it sorted out in time.
    I smiled over mentioning of being wet during reaching the car. :)

    The food and environment you mentioned felt perfect for the occasion.