Dino on Parade

We chatted and laughed with Higgy and Mrs H over breakfast, then it was time for them to head home. We went into Norwich to see some of the architectural features. When we saw a sign for St Peter’s Church we decided to head in that direction. For some reason Mr C got it into his head that we were headed for St Stephen’s Church. He followed the SatNav on his phone which took us on a rather circuitous route that gave us chance to see some of the dinosaurs on the Dinosaur Trail that was exhibited in the city.

St Peter Mansfield

Eventually we found ourselves outside a church, the Church of St Peter Mansfield rather than St Stephen’s. We had a look round the delightful church before heading to St Stephen’s which we knew had a café. The service there was quirky and slow but we got our food order in the end. Mr ordered a cheese scone, which both Mr C and I thought looked suspiciously like a fruit scone. He queried this and the lady that served him was adamant that it was a cheese scone. When Mr C cut the scone in half several currents were exposed so he took it back and the Minister of the church sorted out the mix up for him.

St Peter & St Paul Knapton

We decided to leave the city in order to visit another church that was on our list; St Peter and St Paul, Knapton with its double hammer-beam roof with over 100 carved angels. Inside the church we found it also has a spectacular Palladian font cover. I walked around the church and through the graveyard whilst Mr C waited outside the front entrance.

As I left through the gate two dogs started barking manically at me, wagging their tails at the same time. I wasn’t sure if they were pleased to see me or otherwise, but they were on chains so they couldn’t come near. The owner came running and told them off before apologising to me, saying that they don’t normally behave like that.

Lobster Thermidor

Sea Bass

We took the scenic route via the North Norfolk coast back to the hotel. Later, we dined in The King’s Head at Coltishall. We shared a crab cake starter and for mains Mr C chose lobster thermidor whilst I opted for  sea bass. The food and service were excellent.

We went back to the hotel for a nightcap on the terrace and found the staff setting up the main dining area for a wedding. The bride and some of her guests were seated nearby talking about what was planned for the following day. After a while they got up to leave so we bid them good night and wished them well for their wedding celebrations.

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10 Responses to “Norfolk – Day Five”

  1. lisl says:

    That food looks absolutely yummy, Cherie

  2. Hels says:

    The Church of St Peter was always lovely but it added an important role in the early 20th century. Since the parents and widows of men who died in the First World War couldn’t get their bodies back home, the church functioned as a large grave with individual names. The local men who gave their lives for their country would eventually be forgotten, but at least the men’s children and grandchildren could find peace in the memorial chapel .

  3. There are some super churches in Norfolk there really are. Sounds like a lovely day.

  4. The Yum List says:

    Envious of those beautiful blue skies.

  5. He he… I won’t be able to resist the T-rex trail!
    Done some interesting animal art trails in the past.
    Elephants, lions, pigs, rhinos, etc
    But this T-rex is cooler!