Town Walk

Today’s walk wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I set off. I planned to visit a secret garden, but decided to walk to the Peace Gardens first where I lingered on a bench watching the world go by.

Whilst I was taking photos near to the Peace Gardens a gentleman noticed me and told me about the previous uses of some of the buildings nearby. I had no idea that one of them used to be the fire station or the local butchers shop. There is so much interesting history within the town of Wellington.

Town Walk

Town Walk

I arrived at my planned destination, the secret garden of Wellington station to find a red warning sign ‘Staff Only’. I was a little confused because there was a fence and a gate with the warning sign where previously there had been no barrier. The temptingly open gate to the secret garden was behind the barrier. The garden has recently been transformed from rustic to formal leaving me to wonder why access was denied.

When I got home I found that the opening of the garden has been delayed until October…

Day Four Progress

6 Comments CherryPie on Sep 15th 2022

6 Responses to “Memorial Walk – Day Four”

  1. It is always interesting to discover the history of places. So sorry you couldn’t access the garden.

  2. Hels says:

    I love the idea of Peace Gardens. Were these gardens dedicated to peace in general, or after a specific crisis?

  3. Oh, that’s a pity but nice to learn about the history of the buildings. People like that are incredible – so much history for them to share