Doorway to Breakfast

After a good night’s sleep, it was time to find out what was on offer for breakfast. Cold buffet options were on display but hot food was cooked to order. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my favourite breakfast options; tomatoes on toast, mushrooms on toast, egg on toast were listed as options on the menu rather than me having to pick the items from the full English breakfast choice.


The weather was perfect (hot and sunny) for our planned visit to Slimbridge wetlands centre for Mr C’s birthday.

Slimbridge was every bit as good as I remembered it from my childhood visits. There is an abundance of birds to see and most of them were out on display rather than hiding. With the help of volunteers and local enthusiasts we were introduced to wildlife and fascinating conservation tales that we would not have discovered without their enthusiasm to share information.

Pretty Flamingo

Amongst other things we learned about how Peter Scott rescued the nēnē goose from the brink of extinction and were shown a large number of cranes congregating on the Severn estuary.  We didn’t see the advertised pelicans but enjoyed seeing all six species of flamingo.

Despite my declaration that I wouldn’t be buying anything from the shop, I came away with two books…


Back at the hotel we chilled out with a cup of tea in our room before a pre-dinner Prosecco on the hotel terrace. After dining we returned to the hotel terrace and watched the sun setting over the Gloucestershire countryside.

Sunset Reflections

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