St Paul's shipwreck Church

Photo taken by Mr C

The breakfast room was even more chaotic than it had been the previous day and we had to queue before we could be seated at a table. I sampled the Maltese options and found that they were not choices that I enjoyed for breakfast. However, I am glad I tried them.

After breakfast we walked to St Paul’s Shipwreck church hoping that it might be open. We had tried to visit as walked through the town on previous days but the door was firmly closed. Today it was open but, before we could locate the relics that the church is famous for, the preliminaries for an upcoming church service began. I was caught in an awkward place with no seating nearby, leaving me to stand quietly so as not to disturb the proceedings. When two ladies entered the church and walked down the aisle to sit at the front, I quickly found a seat and felt less out of place. We discreetly left the church before the priest arrived to preside over the main church service.

We had a bit of time on our hands before it was time to meet Edouard, our Jet 2 rep, so we returned to Café Granelli where I enjoyed another of their delightfully refreshing fresh orange juices. Back at the hotel there was no sign of our Jet 2 rep. Mr C struggled with the Jet 2 app on his phone so I went to the hotel reception to enquire. I was intercepted by a concierge asking if he could help. I explained that we were waiting for the Jet 2 rep and he replied immediately that the rep had just phoned to explain that he had been delayed in traffic and would arrive soon.

When Edouard arrived, he was most apologetic and explained that the road had been closed off by police and he had no other option that to wait. He was very helpful in explaining the different excursion options for Gozo, leading us to choose the one option we had originally ruled out, a Tuk Tuk tour of the island. This tour takes you to places that are unreachable by coach. Due to a cancellation, he was able to secure us two places on this tour for the following day.

We returned to Valletta for lunch in the Haagen-Dazs cafe where I indulged in a Pistachio Wonder. A delicious scoop of pistachio ice cream served on a waffle with a drizzle of sauce on top. The advert had been tempting me every time we walked past the café. I wasn’t disappointed, it was delicious.

Lascaris War Rooms

Photo taken by Mr C

Next, we visited the Lascaris War Rooms, an underground complex of tunnels and chambers that housed the War Headquarters during WWII. We were back in the upper levels of Valletta just in time to purchase tickets to view the time gun salute at 4pm from ground level rather than above. It was quite an experience; I felt the back pressure and heat from the firing on my torso. Included in the price was a visit to the recently opened Time Gun Museum.

Gun Salute

Photo taken by Mr C

Gun Salute

Photo taken by Mr C

This left us with enough time to return to the hotel to chill out with a cup of tea on our balcony overlooking the harbour whilst we awaited a phone call from Edouard our Jet 2 rep so that we could pay for our Tuk Tuk trip the following day.

Fish of the Day

We dined in La Sfoglia which offered a choice fresh catch of the day that could be seen on a chilled counter near to the tables. I chose Lampuki and Mr C chose Ambejeck both choices were delicious. Mr C had also opted for a starter of Calamari Fritti and we shared a traditional dessert called imqaret, a fried pastry filled with dates and spices.

On our way back to the hotel for an early night in readiness for an early morning start for our Gozo adventure we had a quick nightcap in the Grano Bar, soaking up the atmosphere.

(Unfortunately due to the loss of my camera, this post is lite on photo memories)

6 Comments CherryPie on Nov 20th 2023

6 Responses to “Malta – Day Five”

  1. Hels says:

    St Paul was very important to Malta, so I was not at all surprised that his Shipwreck Church turned up both early and stunning. Were Paul and his crew really drowning there? I don’t suppose the locals will ever know for sure, or care. It is a delight.

    • CherryPie says:

      I prefered this church over the Co-Cathedral. I would have loved to read more about its stories.

      It is difficult when it is opened for visitors and the times of the church services are not listed!

  2. Shabana says:

    glad you found the seat soon at church
    the scoop you mentioned sounds tempting :)
    yellow tuk tuk is not much noisy hopefully
    so happy that you enjoyed your trip thoroughly

    • CherryPie says:

      I felt so uncomfortable (in regards to local customes) being in the wrong place in the church. The church is promoted as a place of pilgramige and tourism and the service times are not made obvious!

      The scoop was tempting and tasty, delcious too ;-)

      It was a fantastic trip only marred by the loss of my camera (the photos really).

  3. I have only been to the war rooms in London (Churchill) and the other one in Bletchy.
    Is Lascaris similar to Churchill?