Overnight I came out with a cold which I am sure is why I was feeling out of sorts the previous day. Thankfully my runny nose had settled down before breakfast.

We caught a bus to Rabat where we visited the Wignacourt Museum which is linked to St Paul’s Grotto, the cradle of Christianity in Malta. The underground level of the museum consists of a labyrinth of Punic, Roman and Christian Hypogea as well as WWII shelters. It was a fascinating experience.


When we had finished our visit to the museum it was time for lunch, which we had in the nearby Grotto Tavern. Amongst other things on the menu there was a ‘snack box’ heading. I opted for the cheese snack box which turned out to be cheese on toasted ciabatta, served with a sauce and in a cardboard box. Also, on offer was freshly made lemonade; how could I resist?


After lunch we had hoped to visit the Basilica of St Paul but it looked closed and under refurbishment so we walked the short distance to Mdina. Mdina’s city walls are an impressive site to see.


Once inside the walls, we visited St Paul’s Cathedral and museum then wandered around the narrow streets within the city walls.

We retraced our steps back to the bus station in Rabat to catch a bus back to Valletta where we enjoyed a cup of tea on our balcony over looking the small harbour in front of our window.


We dined in Ta’ Nadia. The portion size was enormous which left me overfaced by my meal choice. We had a nightcap in our usual bar, which was open again, before returning to our hotel to retire for the evening.

6 Comments CherryPie on Nov 26th 2023

6 Responses to “Malta – Day Eight”

  1. lisl says:

    I would have loved the underground visit, Cherie, and you have taught me a new word – Hypogea

  2. Ginnie Hart says:

    What’s so fun for me, reading these posts, Cherry, is to know exactly where you were because of our time there. It’s an experience we’ll never forget, as I’m sure will be the same for you and M.

    BTW, besides figuring out your feed, are you also able to make your site secure? Nowadays it’s so unusual to visit a site that isn’t, which often concerns me about yours, to be honest.

    • CherryPie says:

      I am happy that my posts are bringing back happy memories for you :-)

      I don’t know if I can change the ‘Not Secure’ notification. The notification (that I see) means that my site isn’t secure for using personal information such as bank details. I haven’t explored adding an SSL certificate because I don’t have a shop aspect to my blog.

      The bottom line is I don’t know if I can change.

  3. Oddly, the grotto reminded me of St Michael’s Cave in Gibraltar?!