St Mary's Church, Shrewsbury

During our Christmas shopping trip to Shrewsbury, we intended to have an afternoon cuppa in the Cafe within St Mary’s Church but unfortunately the cafe was closed for refurbishment.

It was a pleasure to see the Jesse Window and the detailed roof panels. Seeing the window reminded us that after a previous visit in December we had always intended to go back to visit the church in summer months when the light is more favourable to explore the finer details of the church.

The church is now the only complete medieval church in Shrewsbury. It dates from Saxon times and has beautiful additions from the twelfth-century onwards. Inside, the atmosphere is peaceful with the soaring stone arches giving way to the church’s great treasure – its stained glass. There are panels in glorious colour including the world-famous fourteenth-century ‘Jesse window’; filled with figures of Old Testament kings and prophets, and scenes from the life of St Bernard – a Medieval cartoon strip that shows him ridding flies from an abbey, riding a mule and curing the sick. No other church in the country has a collection to equal it.

Most of the glass was brought from elsewhere, much of it from Europe, by two remarkable clergymen, and installed in St Mary’s during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Warmth and richness is also provided by superb Victorian coloured tiles on the floor.  Lifting your eyes upwards, you will see the wonderful fifteenth-century carved oak ceiling of the nave, with a profusion of animals, birds and angels.

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  1. Oh I remember this church in Shrewsbury.
    There’s another lovely church near Bear Steps.
    St Almond? Can’t recall its name Al-something…
    Not Salmond, for sure.
    Bear Steps make me hungry.

  2. Shabana says:

    hope your Christmas shopping went great :)
    thank you for making me familiar with another marvelous church decorated with awesome art work wow
    blessings to both of you!

  3. I’ve read about that church – I would love to visit it. Hope the Christmas shopping went well.