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The Loggia Palace is a Venetian Gothic palace, the only preserved Gothic town hall in Slovenia.

The earliest part of the existing building dates from 1462, when building work began on a replacement for an earlier Loggia that had stood in the same position on the north side of the main square of Koper, opposite the Praetorian [...]

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…and ready for my first bicycle ride of the season.

I prepared dinner as soon as I arrived home from work and put it in the oven to cook whilst I went for a cycle ride in the early evening sunshine. The weather was perfect and I wished I could have stayed out a little longer [...]

12 Comments CherryPie on Jun 10th 2015

…future development.

For some reason I felt rather lethargic on Sunday (yesterday) and struggled to get myself going. I had planned a short cycle ride but the dull weather made me hesitate. I read a book for a while, made and ate my lunch, read a bit more and then I forced myself to go ahead [...]

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…due to an unfortunate weekend incident.

On arrival at work this morning I was greeted at the doorway and informed that most of the electrics in the building were not working. Hot and cold water were available and partial lighting in one of the ladies toilet facilities. I was also told that if I was [...]

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… When I first saw this statue it was being strangled by a passer by. I am not sure if it was humour or something else…

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