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The High Bridge was built around 1160 at the point where Lincoln High Street crosses the River Witham.

High Bridge is the oldest bridge in Britain to have buildings actually constructed on it. Soon after being built, it was extended east to accomodate a chapel in memory of the martyred archbishop Thomas Becket, which stood here [...]

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The Woodbridge

The original bridge that spanned the gap between the parish of Brosley and Sutton Maddock was constructed of wood leading to the adjacent inn being named ‘The Woodbridge‘.

The name ‘Woodbridge’ comes from the bridge adjacent to the pub which connects the parish of Brosley on the south bank of the river and Sutton Maddock on [...]

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From Bridges on the Tyne:

The Swing Bridge has always been one of the most interesting bridges on the Tyne, as until the Gateshead Millennium Bridge came along, it was the only one that moved. Opened in 1876, it was necessary to replace the old Georgian Bridge in almost the same location which [...]

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The fact that the Public and Commercial Services trade union had called a strike on Wednesday gave me the excuse to take an extra day off and accompany Mr C to Newcastle where he was delivering a training course on Thursday.  I have fond memories of business trips to Newcastle a number of years ago [...]

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