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After a ‘Northern Adventure’, on the way home we often stop off for lunch at Brough ice cream parlour and tea room. The food is delicious with the added bonus of views of the castle.
If there is time I am always tempted to walk up to the castle to take in the scenic views and [...]

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Create each day anew by clothing yourself with heaven and earth, bathing yourself with wisdom and love, and placing yourself in the heart of Mother Nature.
Morihei Ueshiba

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2021 reviewed in 12 photographs, one from each month of the year.
For some of the months it was difficult to choose only one photograph.
The individual photos can be viewed by clicking on the links below.
1. Leegomery Pool, 2. Local Pathway, 3. All Saints Church, Wellington, 4. Hodnet Hall, 5. Ludlow Castle Walls, 6. Stonehenge, 7. [...]

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The good news was the bread for the continental breakfast was not stale. The bad new was that there was no bread at all. Leaving breakfast slightly underwhelmed, we put our luggage in the car and checked out of the hotel.
Our first stop was Barnard’s Castle to visit the ruined castle which we had found [...]

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This ruined castle was situated next to a delightful tea-shop that we stumbled across on our way home from our Newcastle and Crookham holiday.
I have now come to the end of my Newcastle and Crookham posts and will be moving onto my recent adventures in Mechelen.

The name ‘Brough’ comes from ‘Burg’ or ‘Burgh’ meaning fort, [...]

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The alarm seemed to go off very early this morning…
Mr C quickly did his packing before we went for breakfast.  There was a lot of banter as Toby served breakfast.  When one of the other guests asked him if he was alright this morning, he looked at us and said  ‘No not really’ and we [...]

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