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On May bank holiday Saturday, a last-minute decision led us to visit Caernarfon Castle. We had initially intended to have lunch in Caernarfon but as we travelled along the A55 we remembered my recent purchase, a book called ‘The Extra Mile’, which leads the traveller of the motorway and bland service station catering to nearby [...]

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Barnard Castle in Teesdale is a historic market town which takes its name from the castle around which it grew. The castle, an English Heritage property, was named after its 12th Century founder, Bernard de Balliol, and was later developed by Richard III whose boar emblem is carved above a window in the inner ward. [...]

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Although badged as a castle, Hampton Court is more accurately described as a fortified manor house. Access to the house is by guided tour and we were shown round by the housekeeper who gave us a potted history of the house and the various owners of the property.

Hampton Court has been standing among pastures and [...]

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Kenilworth Castle stands on a low hill that was once at the heart of a 1,600 hectare (4,000 acre) park and surrounded by a vast man-made lake. The spectacular ruins, built mostly from the local red sandstone, reveal much of its medieval and Tudor past.
The castle is approached from the south by a causeway that [...]

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Clun Castle

Clun castle was built in the late 11th century to proclaim Norman dominance over this part of the Welsh Marches. It later became home to the Fitzalans, and important ruling family.
After the Norman Conquest in 1066, the border between Wales and England remained an usettled area. William the Conqueror granted lands here to his followers [...]

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All that remains of the original furnishings is an older masonry altar slab and an altar stone.

On the altar stone sits a priceless treasure, a stone Pieta carved in the characteristic delicate style of the chivalric Gothic period of the second decade of the 15 century, which has unfortunately lost its original polychromatic covering and [...]

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