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The lavatorium (‘washing place’) in the north walk of the cloister is decorated with a delightful small-scale fan vault. The trough with its drainage holes would have been lead-lined, and on the shelf behind there would have been lead tanks with taps at the front. The lavatorium was used for hand-washing before meals. The whole [...]

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Gloucester’s great Cloister is famous for its magnificent fan vaulting, which is believed to be the earliest example in England.
Originally built to house the monks, it provided space for them to live, work and meditate. In many abbeys, the cloisters were traditionally built on the south side, but at Gloucester, it unusually lies on the [...]

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Christ Church was originally founded by Cardinal Wolsey as Cardinal’s College in 1524. The college buildings took over the site of St. Frideswide’s Monastery, which was suppressed by Wolsey to fund his college
The monastery dated back to the earliest days of Oxford as a settlement in the 9th Century AD. When Wolsey fell from power [...]

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…lies an older place of worship.

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Salisbury Cathedral has the largest cloisters of any British Cathedral.

The cloisters were started as a purely decorative feature only five years after the cathedral building was completed, with shapes, patterns, and materials that copy those of the cathedral interior.
It was an ideal opportunity in the development of Early English Gothic architecture, and Salisbury Cathedral made [...]

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