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Located just beyond the market’s eastern boundary the Dragon Bridge was the first major Art Nouveau project to be built in the city. Designed by the architect Jurij Zaninovic, it was built in 1901 to mark the 60th birthday of Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I. The bridge gets its name from the bronze dragons that [...]

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…there be Dragons!!

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From The Royal Armouries website:

A tradition of displaying British military strength by creating trophies from masses of weapons has long existed at the Tower. From about 1700 visitors to the Grand Storehouse were stopped in their tracks by John Harris’s stunning displays and models, including a serpent and a seven-headed hydra, which he created from [...]

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There is a recurring dragon theme in the gardens at Snowshill Manor.  The photo above is of a statue of St. George and the Dragon. It was commissioned by Charles Wade from a Tyrolean craftsman, A. Dapre. It is a copy in teak of a statue that is housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum. [...]

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