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Imagine stepping back in time to Victorian Darlington, the town that became known as the Birthplace of the Modern Railway. Venture into the original 1840s railway station where time has stood still for over one hundred and fifty years. Discover the Booking Office with its original Victorian interior. Explore the platform that still has its [...]

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The two hundred and thirty year old Silver Swan is probably the best know and best loved object in The Bowes Museum. It still delights audiences of all ages with its elegant performance.
The Silver Swan is a product of the late 18th century, a time of enterprise and invention when highly creative minds could flourish. [...]

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St Cuthbert is the North of England’s best-loved saint. He lived as a monk, bishop, and then hermit, on Holy Island – Lindisfarne. Revered during his own lifetime for his preaching and holiness, Cuthbert was acclaimed a saint in 698.
His community fled Lindisfarne following the Viking invasion in 793. They travelled around the North of [...]

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The Town Hall has been central to life in Durham city for more than 650 years.  Learn about the powerful Prince Bishops, the evolution of local government and the historic and ongoing roles of the Mayor and Mayor’s Bodyguard.  Since the 14th Century the Trade Guilds and Freeman of Durham have met in the Guildhall, [...]

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