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The two fountains in the Place de la Concorde have been the most famous of the fountains built during the time of Louis-Philippe, and came to symbolize the fountains in Paris. They were designed by Jacques Ignace Hittorff, a student of the Neoclassical designer Charles Percier at the École des Beaux-Arts. The German-born Hittorff had served as the official [...]

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The water canons that are part of the fountain display are easier to see in the second two photos.  They were not operating when we walked through the gardens.  Here is a lovely black and white video of the fountains, water canons and the underground pumps, dating back to around the 1960s (I think). You [...]

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The Fontaine Saint-Michel is located in Place Saint-Michel.  The statue above the fountain depicts Archangel Michael and the devil, sculptured by Francisque Joseph Duret. In the foreground there are two winged dragons that were sculpted by Henri Alfred Jacquemart.
Those are just two of the nine sculptors whose work is featured in the fountain.

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In my post showing photos of the Italian Garden at Arley Arboretum I was asked what the trees lining the wall were and at the time I didn’t know. I have now found out that they are Silver Lime trees (Tilia tomentosa) and the interlocking of the branches is pleaching which is a term [...]

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