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When I looked out of my living room window on Saturday morning I was saddened to see a large broken branch lying on top of the fence underneath ‘My Oak Tree‘. Then on Sunday morning I awoke to the sound of a chainsaw…  Tree doctors had been called in to remove the damaged limb. This [...]

16 Comments CherryPie on May 4th 2015

We have recently started to tackle our back garden and get it back under control.  Last bank holiday Sunday we picked up some plants for the patio pots to give us a bit of colour in the summer months.
Whilst planting up the pots I heard the rather distinctive throaty humming of a petrol engine plane [...]

14 Comments CherryPie on May 6th 2014

Whilst I was in the office today I was busily getting on with some work when I heard someone say ‘there is a teddy bear walking past the building’.  I thought this was a rather odd thing to say and carried on working.  Then someone started to laugh and I looked up to see several [...]

14 Comments CherryPie on May 2nd 2014