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The walled city (La Cite) of Carcassonne was built on the site of a former Roman fortress.  The city is protected by two heavily fortified walls and has no less than 52 towers and barbicans. In medieval times Simon de Montfort led crusades against the Albigensians (Cathars) whom the Catholic Church had branded as [...]

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On arrival in Carcassonne you will remember that I was impressed with the view from my hotel room.  I was even more impressed when I took a stroll after dinner on the evening I arrived.  The sight as the city presented itself was spectacular and on entering into the city the narrow streets were buzzing [...]

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The day started out with some very persistent and irritating mobile phone calls and texts.  Unfortunately I wasn’t close enough to the canal, once again I had the urge to surgical remove the phone and dispose of it!!  After breakfast I retired to the hotel garden with my camera until the phone calls stopped.
After that [...]

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