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The chapel is one of the oldest parts of Ljubljana Castle.

According to the emperor’s document from 1489 the chapel was consecrated to St. George, St. Pancras and the emperor Helena. The original chapel entrance was on the northern side, leading up thirteen steps, which are still in use today. Later the entrance to the chapel [...]

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Ljubljana Town Hall (Slovene: Ljubljanska mestna hiša, also known as Ljubljanski rotovž or simply Rotovž or Magistrat) is the town hall in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is the seat of the City Municipality of Ljubljana. It is located at Town Square in the city centre close to Ljubljana Cathedral.
The original building was built in [...]

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Until the earthquake of 1895, the Vodnikov trg square, now the site of Ljubljana’s central Market, had been occupied by a diocesan college. Later, the Municipality of Ljubljana intended to build a new town hall there, but the plan was changed after it had been established that the existing meat market halls, situated at a [...]

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Cekin Mansion shown in my previous post, now houses the National Museum of Contemporary History.

In 1996, after several years of preparations, we opened a permanent exhibition, Slovenes in the 20th century. We present in it the most important events and all forms of living and working on Slovene territory, from the start of the First [...]

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