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It is probable that the steep sided valley we know as Jesmond Dene has always been wooded, but gradually, industries crept in and by the 19th century the Dene was home to watermills, various quarries and pits and an iron foundry. Prior to the mid 1800s the woodland was probably more straggly than today and interspersed with a heavy undergrowth [...]

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We enjoyed our brief visit to Jesmond Dene and hope to return soon to further explore the tranquil delight.
In the 1850s, William Armstrong acquired the land which is now known as Jesmond Dene:

It is probable that the area we know as Jesmond Dene has always been wooded but, prior to the mid 1800s the wood [...]

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After experiencing two days of toast arriving after my cooked breakfast was served I had a cunning plan. I ordered a piece of toast to come with my cooked selections. On this occasion the table toast arrived before my breakfast so I need not have ordered a piece to come with my breakfast!
When we had [...]

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My previous post on the house at Cragside can be viewed here.

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Synopsis (from book cover):
William George Armstrong was one of the leading and most successful of Great Britain’s nineteenth century engineers. At Elswick he began a career in mechanical and civil engineering, moving into armaments, and then on to naval and, at Walker, mercantile shipbuilding.  In the later decades of the Victorian age his company was [...]

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I invite you to join me at Vision & Verb to read my very brief history of Lord William Armstrong who was an inspiring scientist, innovator and philanthropist.

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