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Tolkien’s inspiration for Durin’s Door was a little too far away for a Saturday afternoon excursion so I looked for inspiration in ‘The Churches of Shropshire & Their Treasures’ to find inspiration for suitable doorways that were fitting for the presentation of my medals for completing  ‘The Fellowship’ and ‘Mines of Moria’ challenges.

Within the books [...]

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I entered the Mines of Moria through Durin’s door. I then navigated my way through the mines meeting hazards along the way, to face one last hurdle where to my dismay a wizard went over the edge at Durin’s Bridge. Once on the other side of the bridge I was able to claim my medal.

Then [...]

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My medal for the second stage of my Lord of the Rings challenge has arrived.

I travelled from Bree  to Rivendell where I accepted the challenge to carry the One Ring to Mordor, At Rivendell a Fellowship, the Fellowship of the Ring was forged to help me on my quest.

The Fellowship has now arrived at Durin’s [...]

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My medal for completing the first stage of my Lord of the Rings challenge has arrived. I promise to try to keep the ring secret and safe until I can throw it into the fires of Mount Doom. I am making good progress on the next stage of my journey which takes me to the [...]

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… a new one begins.

Despite the best intentions of the Nazgul I have successfully completed my 145 mile journey from Hobbiton to Bree. I will now depart the Prancing Pony on my 98 mile quest to The Doors of Durin.

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I have recently started on my first adventure in the Lord of the Rings virtual challenge, walking through the Shire from Hobbiton to Bree. I have to confess to getting lost on my adventure. After almost 30 miles walking I found myself back where I started in Hobbiton…

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