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I invite you to read my post about the historic town of Mechelen on the Broad Oak Magazine blog.

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…Before we move on from Mechelen

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The inside of this church is spectacular  and we felt blessed that we were able to visit.  The church closed for restoration at the beginning of April, just two weeks after our visit.  It will be closed for four years!

This baroque pilgrimage church designed by Lucas Faydherbe was one of the first domed churches in [...]

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Originally oats were unloaded and traded here. Oats used to be synonymous with grain and Mechelen had the exclusive staple rights to grain. Boats carrying grain had to tie up in Mechelen and offer the whole cargo for sale for three whole days. Only what the merchants did not sell in Mechelen could be loaded [...]

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Jacques Francquart and Pieter Husseyns designed this imposing baroque church (1629 – 1647), which reflects the one-time wealth of the Large Beguinage.  The paintings feature several female saints, evidence of the devotion of the beguines.*

*From the signboard in front of the church.

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There are many idyllic spots in Mechelen and Groen Waterke is one of them. The brook owes its name to the duckweed which covers the surface of the water. It is in fact the remains of the Melaan brook which was not covered over of filled here. Enjoy the peace and quiet of this idyllic [...]

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