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In and around Mechelen market square.

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Het Anker brewery enjoys world fame for its’ ‘Gouden Carolus’ or Golden Charles beer. Founded in 1369, Het Anker is one of Belgium’s oldest breweries. The three copper brew kettles in the brew room date from after the Second World War. Jan uit den Anker started the brewery in 1369. Later on his son Matthijs [...]

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The Klapgat is an alleyway opposite the tower of St John’s Church. People tended to congregate here for a chat (‘klappen’) after Mass. They did this so regularly that the alleyway was dubbed Klapgat, or Gossip Alley. A statue of Christ kept a watchful eye on the prattlers from the Mount of Olives. In the little [...]

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This Gothic church which was built in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries is the second largest in Mechelen. It is on the site that Mechelen’s first parish church probably stood.  The tower contains a complete carillon with no fewer than 49 bells.
Many wealthy Mechelen trade guilds had their altars here. The church’s rich interior was [...]

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Margaret of Austria was regent of the Habsburg Netherlands between 1507 and 1530. Her residential palace was the Hof van Savoye (Court of Savoy), the first renaissance building in the Low Countries. The renaissance spread from here. Note the magnificent charming garden. From 1616 to 1796 the palace was home to the [...]

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