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1. Having the flavor, aroma, or quality of spice.
2. Piquant; zesty: a spicy tomato sauce.
3. Producing or abounding in spices.
4. High-spirited; lively.
5. Slightly scandalous; risqué: a spicy Hollywood romance.

Definition 4: High-spirited; lively.
Whilst trying to enjoy a little bit of calm in amongst the hustle and bustle of the week this seagull was a little too [...]

26 Comments CherryPie on Mar 23rd 2012

I recently Blogged about my experience in the garden so today I am going to give you a little bit of information about the garden itself.

The garden surrounding the Royal Pavilion has been restored to its original Regency splendour closely following John Nash’s plans of the 1820’s.  As the architect of the Royal Pavilion, he [...]

8 Comments CherryPie on May 29th 2010

On the half day that I had free between the two conferences I decided to visit the Royal Pavilion.  To save time I asked for directions at the hotel reception and found my way there quite easily although it was further than I thought.  The pavilion looked rather packed so I decided just to enjoy [...]

8 Comments CherryPie on May 27th 2010