From a DistanceOn the half day that I had free between the two conferences I decided to visit the Royal Pavilion.  To save time I asked for directions at the hotel reception and found my way there quite easily although it was further than I thought.  The pavilion looked rather packed so I decided just to enjoy the garden which was free.  It was lunch time so before looking round the garden I nipped to the nearest baker and bought a blueberry muffin, which looked a lot more appetising than the rather gooey looking sandwiches.  I then made my way back to the garden and sat on a bench to eat it  The bag the muffin had been in made a bid for freedom and whilst I was trying to rescue it a small piece of blueberry muffin dropped on the floor next to my feet.

A few minutes later I was assailed by a rather large seagull who was weighing up the options of doing a duck and dive at the crumb.   I had visions of my feet being skewered by his beak and he refused to be shooed away! Then I saw a squirrel running towards me, but luckily he had something else on his mind and he carried on past me without stopping. Eventually I moved to the other end of the bench so I could finish eating in peace.  And yes the seagull did then dive for the crumb.

Just as I was finishing eating a youth with a beer can plonked himself next to me on the bench.  Thankfully he was dragged away by his friends who told him ‘don’t annoy the lady’.  There was a bit of back chat but he followed them anyway.  Just when I thought I was going to get some peace and quiet at long last, I was approached by a Jehovah’s Witness…

Gardens in Brighton are not at all what I am used to!

It was more relaxing along the seafront (despite the traffic) when I took my sunset photos later in the day.

With my Beady Eye

8 Comments CherryPie on May 27th 2010

8 Responses to “My Afternoon Off”

  1. A great way to spend time off Cherie

  2. Andrew Scott says:

    Seagull, yob, Jehovah’s witness…. A challenging trio, but at least you were referred to as a “lady” (which I am sure you are). That is a wonderful photo of a lovely bird though.

  3. jameshigham says:

    I remember those.

  4. Ginnie says:

    I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when you got to the Jehovah’s Witness part, Cherie. Sigh. And why does the seagull’s webbed feet seem like they should belong to another bird???