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In the Serpent Garden, a topiary snake entices you past a series of sculptures, in which water flows over polished stainless steel and creates a canyon through which you can try to squeeze without getting wet.
There is also a mushroom-shaped structure on which surface tension and viscosity overcome gravity. The display culminates in the Torricelli [...]

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Before we move on, I share a last few pictures of the Serpent Garden.

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Torricelli is another water feature in the Serpent Garden. The water slowly creeps up the tubes and eventually bursts out in a cascade of fountains which slowly diminish. Kids are fascinated by this one and love to explore the feature first hand

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The garden is named the serpent garden due to the topiary that snakes it’s way through this garden feature:

A topiary serpent in holly snakes through the watery Serpent Garden, revealing a different water sculpture hidden in each of its coils.

The water sculptures have been created by William Pye, one of the world’s leading [...]

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