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A colouring book and pencils in the room was just too hard to resist

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On 30 December 1348, Bishop Ralph made over to the vicars ‘the dwellings newly built and to be erected by us for the use of the vicars, and ‘quarters with appurtenances built and to be built’. The houses were built in two rows running north from the Hall, and were completed by the time of [...]

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This ‘historic chalet’ was built in 1874 and is the former residence of the  Amrein-Troller family.  It is now a musem displaying many interesting historical facts (in particular the historical geology) of the region.

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This Palladian villa was built in 1758 by Patrick Home:

Before the union between Scotland and England in 1707 this was a hotly contested border area, and only fortified buildings survive from earlier times. Patrick’s grandfather and uncle took part in the Jacobite uprising of 1715, and earlier generations of the family had been [...]

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