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Breakfast was lovely but just as quirky as I remembered it. The continental breakfast options were even more limited than they were on our previous visit where meats and cheese were available but no bread. This time there was no bread, cheese or meats, just fruit and cereals and a token croissant and cake. However, [...]

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We had a good journey after setting off later than intended. We arrived in Stratford in time for lunch in Huffkins where I couldn’t resist the warmed almond croissant.

After lunch we walked to the butterfly farm where we found the butterflies were more active than they had been on our previous visits in 2022. We [...]

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Ted is back from his travels…

2 Comments CherryPie on Mar 16th 2024

We are all booked up for a mini adventure for Valentines Day. The mini break includes a very belated 2022 Christmas gift from me to Mr C. At long last there is a RSC performance that captures his imagination.
Midsummer Night’s Dream and Edward Moon here we come…

14 Comments CherryPie on Jan 1st 2024

The history of the Arden Hotel:

Like many buildings in Stratford-upon-Avon, the buildings and land which constitute the Arden Hotel form part of the Royal Shakespeare Company estate. According to the RSC, the Arden has a historical association with William Shakespeare himself.
It is known that Shakespeare’s father, John, became a prominent member of society in Elizabethan [...]

18 Comments CherryPie on Jan 21st 2023

Shrieve’s House currently houses the Tudor World Museum. The museum shows historical settings to display the life and time of Tudors.*

The Shrieve’s House and Barn The oldest lived-in house in Stratford (First recorded building on this site is 1196) An inn during the 16th century run by William Rogers who it is said was the [...]

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From Wiki:

William Shakespeare, poet and playwright, was baptised in Holy Trinity on 26 April 1564 and was buried there on 25 April 1616.[17] The church still possesses the original Elizabethan register giving details of his baptism and burial, though it is kept by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust for safekeeping. He is buried in the beautiful 15th-century [...]

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