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For centuries the wells here provided clean water for those living nearby.
This water wheel was installed in the 1800s to power a pump which supplied water to the Palace for domestic use.
However, in the 1870s Bishop Hervey’s children caught typhoid fever. He suspected that contaminated water had caused their illness. He may well have been [...]

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In 1451 Bishop Beckynton granted to the town a supply of water from the Wells within his palace gardens. A cistern inside this well house collected water. This ‘head’ connected enough pressure to force a supply through pipes to an outlet in the market place.
Overflow water from the marketplace wellhead ran down a gutter, washing [...]

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In 705 King Ine if Wessex hear these Wells to Aldhem, his bishop, so that he could build a minster. The Saxon minster lay just south of the present Cathedral. A stream from this well flowed close beside the minster. Water might have been taken from the stream for use in some church ceremonies.
The wells’ [...]

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The Weight of our Sins… beneath Wells Cathedral

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“In this moment, as they stop for breath before staggering on with their burden of the cross, we are given an opening to relate to this group of deserted children.”
Josefina de Vasconcellos, sculptor

The artist represents each child to symbolise a crime against children in the world today: AIDS, drugs, genocide, abuse, landmines, homelessness, infant mortality, [...]

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The designer of Stoberry garden, Frances Meeres Young who with her husband owns the house and garden has written a short history of the estate.

Stoberry Park  and Garden- A Landscape Transformed
Stoberry House and Park occupies the site of a former Mediaeval field.
Stoberry is approached at the head of College Road. It was built by Peter [...]

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