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I leave my heart in an English garden,
Safe where the elm and the oak stand by.
Tho’ the years rise and roll away
Still shall those watchmen stay,
Bold in the blue of an English sky.

Breezes in the long grass ruffling my hair,
Hollyhock and bluebell scenting the air,
Nothing in the world can ever be
Such a sweet memory:
Nothing in the world was ever so fair,

I leave me dreams in an English garden,
Safe where the breezes of England blow,
when highways are dark and drear,
Ill know there’s sunshine here,
Bright where the roses of England grow.

Dawn on the Aegean redd’ning the foam,
Sunset over Cyprus, springtime in Rome,
Lovely are the lands where, I dare say,
I could stay for a day…
But none of them are quite as lovely as home.
By Christopher Hassall

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14 Comments CherryPie on Aug 20th 2009

14 Responses to “I Leave My Heart in an English Garden”

  1. ubermouth says:

    That top photo is stunning. Did you take it Cherie?
    Great poem, too. There’s nothing quite like an English garden.

  2. jameshigham says:

    Do you leave your heart there or is it always there? I think you are always in the garden in your soul.

  3. Phidelm says:

    Gorgeous pix, Cherie, perfect for the poem. Why don’t you produce your own illustrated anthology? I bet it would be a success.
    I left my heart in a Welsh garden in the middle of a wildnerness, so the sentiments fit; but it would be ‘hiraeth’ in my case :-) .

    • CherryPie says:

      Thank You :-) I have thought about using my Cherie’s Place thought posts and pics to make a book when I have got to the end of them.

      I am not sure if you know the background behind those posts, so here goes. On my webpage I have a page of quotations and when I looked there were exactly 52 and I thought it would be fun to post one a week for a year.

      When looked at together you might work out what they represent :-)

      I had to look up hiraeth and yes the sentiments are the same ;-) :-)

  4. Dragonstar says:

    Such beautiful photos to illustrate a very emotive poem. Lovely, Cherie.

  5. Oh to have an English garden…beautiful shots Cherie with Hassall’s poem.

  6. liz says:

    How beautiful.

  7. luisa brehm says:

    fantasticcccccccccccc photos, Fairy !!!
    they make me dream ….