By the time I got to work today I was beginning to wonder if staying in bed would have been a better option.

Firstly, I reversed off my drive and did my usual visual check to make sure no windows or doors were open. Then I started to drive off and notice that the locked gate was wide open. I was about to reverse back so I could get onto the drive to check it out when a car came up behind me. I had to do a journey round the block to get back to my driveway. After a quick check and a phone call I was informed it had been done on purpose and that I wasn’t supposed to notice the gate was open :-/

My next port of call was the petrol station to top up with petrol. The petrol pumps seemed to be on a go slow, which meant standing around in the ice cold wind for several minutes. I turned up at work feeling rather windswept, only to encounter some wise cracks about my time of arrival.

At lunchtime I went to the local Town Centre to buy some lunch, and do some business transactions. Unfortunately I had forgotten it was the night before Christmas and was irritated when I saw the queues to the car parks. Finally I got parked up and managed to do some of the things on my list, but not all of them. To my annoyance the sandwich cabinet was quite bare, so lunch wasn’t quite as planned. I have made a note that the TC is a place to avoid until after Christmas.

Then just as I made my final approach back to work after lunch, a foreign lorry was driving way to slow and rather erratically in front of me as another lorry was speeding up behind me!!!…

To escape the situation I had to turn into my works car park with no room to maneuverer, but just as I did that a man stepped out in front of me. I had to drive forward as much as I could without hitting the man and hope for the best. I did pip my car horn at him but he just turned round and smiled quite oblivious of what was going on. I waited for the crunch which quite amazingly didn’t happen.

Maybe I should have stayed in bed…


21 Comments CherryPie on Nov 26th 2009

21 Responses to “One of Those Days”

  1. Andi says:

    Staying in bed is always the best alternative. Laziness is the key to the future.

  2. Sean Jeating says:

    All intellectual improvement arises from leisure.
    [Dr. Johnson]

  3. Claudia says:

    “The road to happiness and prosperity lies in an organized diminution of work.” from Bertrand Russell (In Praise of Idleness.)

    • CherryPie says:

      You are all beginning to worry me now…

      The common message you give, is be lazy be happy.

      I think I would still rather be busy and happy and campaign for what is right. It is the only way for me to be happy ;-) So busy and happy, all the way for me :-)

  4. MTG says:

    We linger alone
    Bodies confused
    Memories misused
    As we run from the day
    To a strange night of stone

  5. Kath says:

    Yes, I too have days like that, when nothing goes right and I get into bed at night, thinking thank heavens that’s over!

  6. jameshigham says:

    Sounds a nightmare. Mine was yesterday, Thursday but today was better. Hope that doesn’t happen again.

  7. sally says:

    good to have a bad day now and and again… it makes us appreciate the good days even more :-)

    One day I will lie in bed till lunch time drinking tea and reading ….. well i can dream :-)

  8. Ach I know those days. The best thing is not to get homicidal of course!

  9. [...] on from Thursday it seems that my spate of minor irritations are not quite over.

  10. Bed would be very inviting after a day like that, I’m sure. Funnily enough, I had one yesterday!

  11. Phidelm says:

    Bad days always zoom in on one complete with clusters of ghastliness, don’t they? I suppose they’re a challenge to our innermost fantasies about being in control of our lives – but without them, the good ones wouldn’t be as good!