Freedom is important to include in my ‘100 Reasons to be Glad’ because there isn’t a single day goes by that I am not reminded that our freedoms are constantly being eroded away.

Freedom of Flight


I WILL not follow you, my bird,
I will not follow you.
I would not breathe a word, my bird,
To bring thee here anew.

I love the free in thee, my bird,
The lure of freedom drew;
The light you fly toward, my bird,
I fly with thee unto.

And there we yet will meet, my bird,
Though far I go from you
Where in the light outpoured, my bird,
Are love and freedom too.

by George William Russell

18 Comments CherryPie on Mar 3rd 2010

18 Responses to “100 Photos 9 :: Freedom”

  1. jameshigham says:

    That precious drop – freedom.

    • CherryPie says:

      So precious James, we do have that little drop left. And today has been so refreshing, we got some people to see some simple truths and they were shocked about what had been done…

  2. a really lovely image! the birds in flight in the massive sky certainly suggests freedom. nicely done.

  3. As a Christian I have been questioning the whole thing about fighting against our current growing oppression.

    If we are in the end times as is portrayed in the book of revelations then all this tyranny must come to pass otherwise the Christ’s return doesn’t come to pass at the end as foretold……

    So maybe by fighting against oppression we are delaying the return of Christ.

    Just a thought……………………………

  4. Sean Jeating says:

    Freedom is a precious gift. No. By the way, translating the German word Gift, you get poison. :)
    Like there’s no god being responsible for (the development of) any individual’s character, any individual’s deeds, freedom is not given by any god. Not even by a godess.
    What about each individual (simply doing her/his best to develop the g(o)od in her-/himself?

    Well, this was, of course, but an agnostic taking the freedom to offer his two pence.:)
    Interesting post, CherryPie. Thank you.

    • CherryPie says:

      That is an interesting word translation!

      Freedom never comes as a gift it has always to be fought for or to keep. Which does make you think.

  5. CP: Have you seen the short film Jonathan Livingstone Seagull?

  6. Yvonne says:

    Freedom is a very good one for the list!

  7. Claudia says:

    Freedom is not a free gift in many countries. Many people had to die (still do) to offer it to others. It’s up to the individual to learn how to use freedom for his/her own betterman, and the improvement of a very wounded world.

  8. Ginnie says:

    What a wonderful poem, CP. I love it.

  9. Phidelm says:

    Excellent post and photo, Cherie. And nice to see ‘AE’ joining in. Thank you, ‘bon weekend’ and God bless, Px