Light at the End of the Tunnel…led to the cafeteria.

On first inspection it looked a little shut, but then the proprietor came to our assistance.  It seems we were quite lucky, they were supposed to be closed but had opened because it was the school holidays.  I think they must have been glad of our custom because we were the only people in there.  We got lots of personal attention and had a good conversation with the proprietor.

Not to mention the delicious indulgence we all took part in.  When in Bruges it has to be done at least once ;-)

Sheer Indulgence

14 Comments CherryPie on Nov 22nd 2010

14 Responses to “The Light at the End of the Tunnel…”

  1. Bernard says:

    Your meals, Cherie, always look more like ‘works of art’ than ‘good ballast for an empty belly’! :)
    I also noticed that they didn’t use plates! :(
    That fish you had the other day was served up on the tray?
    This latest is also served on the tray.
    I bet they wouldn’t serve apple pie and custard like that? :o
    Take no notice of me CherryPie, I live a very sheltered life.
    Now what’s in the wee jug? I bet it was naughty chocolate sauce. tut, tut. :)

    • CherryPie says:

      This one would just be a snack for most people, for me it was quite substantial as a lunch :-)

      Now me eating all these small meals makes me wonder why I have put on so much weight ;-)

      Yes naughty chocolate it is, and eventually I will post the picture to prove it :-) BTW I didn’t eat the cream in the other pot.

      As to Apple pie I like that served with a drizzle of single cream.

  2. Claude says:

    I like the caption! Lovely walk and great reward…

  3. jane says:

    Oh YUM!
    An authentic Belgium Waffle.

  4. Denise says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! It is only 8.50am here so a little early for icecream – especially as we are expecting snow! lol! Wonderful!

  5. liz says:

    Ohhhh, yummy.

  6. Hm. Whenever I see a light at the end of the tunnel, it usually turns out to be someone driving a tank in the other direction…

  7. sally says:

    oh its all ssooo nice :-)