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In the grounds just outside the cafeteria, next to the nature centre and planetarium are a number of statues which feature Gods and their related planets.  These statues stretched out into the woodlands back to the car park.  There was speculation on whether the distances between them was representative to the distances between the planets.  [...]

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…led to the cafeteria.
On first inspection it looked a little shut, but then the proprietor came to our assistance.  It seems we were quite lucky, they were supposed to be closed but had opened because it was the school holidays.  I think they must have been glad of our custom because we were the only [...]

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Following the visit to the abbey we moved on to Beisbroek which is just outside Bruges and is one of two big country estates situated side by side in the woods.  Beisbroek covers 80 hectares  and contains trees, footpaths, heathland, picnic areas, a deer compound, a cafeteria and a castle that serves as interactive nature [...]

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