The other place I visited on my recent trip to Kent was Greenwich.  There was a difference of opinion on what we should do whilst we were there.   We settled for the National Maritime Museum in the end. The museum is being refurbished in places meaning some of the rooms were closed and some of the usual exhibits were not on display.  This left one member of the party disappointed.

We had hoped to  visit the Queen’s House afterwards but we ran out of time due to parking restrictions in the car park we had chosen.  I am sure we will be back soon to see all the things we missed.

Royal Observatory

Skyline View

12 Comments CherryPie on Feb 19th 2011

12 Responses to “Greenwich”

  1. I remember going there just once, on a school trip. Thanks for the memory, Cherie.

  2. jameshigham says:

    The deer are quite nice out that way.

  3. It’s definitely worth a weekend trip in itself

  4. Janice says:

    A very nice skyline too. It’s very green there – unlike here :)

  5. Marcie says:

    What a beautiful place. And – I love seeing the difference between the view on a clear day..vs. the one on a misty one!

  6. Did you enjoy the Maritime Museum?
    Shame that you’re not allowed to take photos in there. :(

    • CherryPie says:

      Yes I did enjoy it but it would have been better if everything was open.

      You are able to take photographs in parts of the museum but not the special displays which is apparently due to copyright reasons because some of the items are on loan.