… and you took me in.

This is a window from All Saints Church that can be found within the grounds of Sudbury Hall.  A plaque in front of the window gives the following information:

When war was declared in 1939, Manchester like many other cities moved fast to protect its young; living in and near to the city centre.  Children were uprooted from the security of their homes, marched in columns to the railway stations and re-housed in selected locations within the countryside.   One such location was Sudbury, Derbyshire, which catered for the children of St Thomas’ School, Ardwick, Manchester.

Now some 60 years later, this historic event has finally been recorded for all time by the instillation of a specially designed stained glass window; handmade by Michael Stokes.  The window was commissioned by a small group of evacuees and presented to the community in the first year of the Millennium as an expression or their gratitude and thanks for the protection and affection, the experienced during the war years.

The Bishop of Derby dedicated the window at a special service on 3rd June 2001.

I Was a Stranger

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  1. jameshigham says:

    Translucent colours are superb.

  2. Une très belle lumière capturée et de manifiques couleurs. Great work !

  3. When I was at Sudbury open prison, Sudbury Hall is just across the road.